LOONA's choreographer speaks up about not being paid by Blockberry Creative

 It has been previously reported that entertainment agency Block Berry Creative, home to girl group LOONA, is currently facing a severe financial crisis

With such news, LOONA's choreographer Kim Hwa Young spoke up about not being paid by the agency. On September 30, the choreographer posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, "Please check the fund report and deposit the fees please."

The photo on Instagram was an article stating that the agency was facing a financial crisis.

According to an exclusive media outlet report by Sports World on September 28, the entertainment agency Block Berry Creative is currently facing a severe financial crisis.

According to several insiders, Block Berry Creative has failed to pay its due wages and payments to numerous external companies and outside employees who were previously hired to work with LOONA. The agency's failure to provide wages and payments persisted for months before these outside employees were ultimately ordered to "halt all work."

In response, choreographer Kim Hwa Young spoke up about the situation and wrote, "I worked because of the LOONA members who are always working diligently. There were still unpaid wages even before the 'PTT' promotion but I worked on the choreography because I was told that I will be paid in August or September. I asked about the budget beforehand. It's not even a lot. It's embarrassing. The fees only became big because the unpaid wages built up. It would have been better if we were paid on time."

She concluded by saying, "Let's not make things complicated. Please deposit the payment starting from the choreography for the past Japan promotions."

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