High demand for BTS V's Xylitol gum bottle makes it sell out in stores

Lotte Confectionery released the 'Xylitol X BTS Special Edition' gum bottles, and Kim Taehyung, aka V, once again demonstrated his brand power in the product collaboration.

A month before its release, Japanese research media Netorabo conducted a poll asking consumers, "Who's design do you want most from the Xylitol Gum BTS Smile Bottle?"

Results of the poll revealed BTS's V was the most popular individual design receiving 23.4% of the votes, after the group design, which got 25.3% of the votes.

On the 1st week of October, Xylitol X BTS products were officially released in Korea and Japan, and various social media posts were seen about V's product being unavailable on many local stores, vending machines, and online stores after selling out instantly.

Based on Netorabo's pre-release survey results, it comes as no surprise that V's much-anticipated design became the top-seller in both the Japanese and Korean markets.

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