Former AOA member Mina shares about the conflict she's been having with her "swindler" sister

Former AOA member Mina recently shared on social media the conflict she's been having with her sister.

On October 6, Mina posted various captures of Kakaotalk messages between her sister and wrote in the caption, "It's not enough that I have to suffer from Shin Jimin but now I have to suffer from my sister."

Then she continued to say, "My life is like s***. It's a really trash-like life. (My sister) said she would decrease my taxes and paid by taxes but the rest of the money did not come back so my mom said it was weird. Either she used it for her business... but it was a large amount."

Mina wrote, "I earned money starting at a young age for my mom, not my sister. You suddenly looked at cars and when I went to the cafe, you signed the papers with two seals. Maserati? You can't even afford it but why did you buy it under my name, when I can barely afford it? You changed the ownership to the Benz and Maserati a long time later."


She continued to write, "You threatened me saying that you will reveal that I was evading taxes with the law. But I carefully thought about it and I didn't do anything wrong you swindler. My friends will all know what kind of person you are. You don't think about all the good things you ate that I for you when you had cancer. I tried so hard to help your business but you think you did so much for me? what did you do for me?"

Mina also wrote, "And also don't tell me to apologize to Shin Jimin saying that I was harsh to her. Ten years of suffering is incomparable to only seven months. I wish that she would suffer ten years in. the. same. way. that I did...I now have to fight with my sister."

Meanwhile, Mina debuted with AOA in 2012 but left the group in 2019, changing her career to become an actress. Last year, Mina stated that she had been bullied for ten years by Jimin. As a consequence, Jimin departed from AOA and retired from the entertainment industry. However, it was revealed that Mina had constantly sent Jimin text messages of slander and was, in fact, the individual who had been causing trouble for the group. In addition, Mina had been embroiled in various controversies such as cheating and smoking in the hotel where smoking was not permitted. 

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