ASTRO's Moonbin & Sanha to resume activities after being cleared from quarantine

On September 28, Fantagio Music announced that ASTRO members Moonbin and Sanha have been cleared to resume activities, after 1-week in quarantine. 

According to Fantagio Music on this day, "Members Moonbin and Sanha, who were ordered to quarantine until September 28 (today) after being identified as having had close contact with a COVID-19 positive case, have both tested negative for COVID-19 during their final PCR examination. As a result, Moonbin and Sanha plan on resuming all activities beginning on September 29. Once again, we ask for everyone's understanding in light of the concerning news, and we promise to continue to do our best for the health and safety of our artists."

Back on September 20, Fantagio Music confirmed that ASTRO's leader Jinjin had tested positive for COVID-19, while members Moonbin and Sanha were identified as having had close contact, and thus ordered to quarantine. 

Meanwhile, Moonbin and Sanha are currently the MCs of MBC every1's 'Show Champion' along with VERIVERY's Kangmin. 

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