Male online Hannam community angered over aespa member Winter using the "feminist" number

There has been a stir over certain words flagged to be pro-feminist in Korea. Male online Hannam communities have taken issue with female celebrities who have been seen using these words and accusing them of being feminists.

Over the few years, there has been a rise in hostility against feminists in Korea as men in these online Hannam communities see them as being man-hating individuals who want to undermine men. Due to this, many female celebrities have been ousted in various online communities as they were accused of being feminists.

Recently, one Hannam online community has once again taken issue with an idol group member of being feminist over the use of a certain word. During a recent Vlive, aespa's Winter said to listen to their song "Forever" 'Oh Jo Uk' or five trillion times. This is similar to 'Oh Jo Oh Uk (5 trillion, 500 million),' which is a coined word often used by Korean feminists to signify an enormous number. This word is used commonly by Korean feminists when they're surprised by something by a large amount. Words such as 'Oh Jo Oh Uk' and 'Hubba Hubba' were previously criticized for being used to express hatred towards men.

These Hannam netizens have gathered to their usual online community to heavily criticize the idol group member. They commented, "Why do they keep using this word if they don't know the meaning behind it?" and "How will their fans shield them from this?" Nevertheless, other netizens have criticized these men as they are illogical in their claims. 

Netizens have gathered in another popular online community to heavily criticize, "Why are they making a commotion over this again? Do they not know that they are so annoying?" "These guys didn't care if Seventeen members used the word but now they're making a fuss because a girl group member used it," "They still don't know better even after they were criticized globally," "This is what it means to be a Hannam," and "No one cares about the 'Oh Jo Oh Uk' and also even if they do, the idol group's fandoms are so scary."

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