Former AOA member Mina regains consciousness + returns to Instagram with a warning message against malicious commenters

Former AOA member Mina has regained consciousness, and has returned to Instagram with a lengthy message.

It was previously reported that Mina had been transported to the hospital after attempting to take her own life. Shortly after, on July 30, Mina closed her Instagram account. However, on August 3, Mina returned to her Instagram account with a message, revealing her plans to take legal action against malicious commenters and those who spread false information about her.

Mina wrote on her personal Instagram, the following:

"I regained consciousness, saw Yoo's [her ex-boyfriend] statement, and posted an explanation(?) about his statement, but I am still the same old pathological liar, perpetrator, and the psychotic Kwon Mina.

Many of you are probably sick and tired [of me] and are wondering why I am like this, right..Will you believe me if I say it's because it's so unfair..I am aware of my wrongdoings as well as my words and behaviors that have stepped over boundaries..because when I saw Yoo's statement, my lips were itching [to speak]..but even Shin's [former AOA's Jimin] case also climbed up to the top because you all caused it to, and whether it was the statement released or the malicious comments, everything got worse. I'll just try to not say too much. I am a victim. Out of 4~5 people..I am the longest-lasting victim. I am not mythomanic, I have just once revealed that my depression is severe. It's not schizophrenia nor bipolar disorder. Due to the recent event that was more serious than ever before, there were many people who spread false information. Even indiscriminate cursing would have been better. Even that. My agency and I have already gathered a lot of information and screen-captured them, so don't even think of erasing them. Because anyways, they're your words that you were so confident about. I will just reveal everything on what the truth is and what the false information is, through legal action. Even though they are things that can't ever be erased cleanly. I'm sorry for always being loud and noisy..But if you were in my position for even a day, I don't think those words could ever come out..It's been extremely hard, and it is hard now. Shin's case and Yoo's case, as well as everything..

P.S You say that you're tired [of me] for constantly repeating myself and cosplaying as the victim, and the other members whose names keep coming up are pitiful for meeting someone like me? There will be no mercy shown to those who have commented on what kind of person I am, commented on why I keep repeating the same things, asking who made me speak up again after staying quiet for a while, and those who talked as if they knew everything despite not knowing the inside story. I am confident. If my words are lies and false, then sue me, like I am. I will keep going until I get rid of even the slightest bit of my resentment."

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