[C/W] Unconfirmed rumors of Kris Wu committing suicide stir up commotion in various online communities

[C/W Content Warning]

Ever since the shocking allegations of sexual assault and possible rape of numerous women, Kris Wu has been at the center of various discussions and making headlines in various news articles.

Recently, there have been numerous articles about the celebrity with speculations about the case along with claims of his whereabouts. One Chinese media outlet published an alleged photo of the inside of a detention facility, claiming that former EXO member, singer, and actor Kris Wu was currently being held there as he awaits his investigation for sexual assault charges.

Now, there have been unproven rumors that Kris Wu had committed suicide as he could not handle being in the detention center. An unverified account on Weibo wrote that Kris Wu apparently committed suicide, and it is being investigated. This was picked up by a Twitter user who shared the Weibo post and stated it as Breaking News that Kris Wu had apparently committed suicide.

This latest rumor is stirring a commotion in the online communities as many are brought to the discussion on whether this new allegation is true or not.  The tweet was retweeted thousands of times but was later deleted.

Now, many netizens are stepping forward to claim that the rumors are false and that there is no proof. Nevertheless, the rumor continues to cause a stir and uproar on social media platforms and various online communities.

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