Composers discuss what it's like working with JYP Entertainment idols

Composers discussed what it's like working with JYP Entertainment idols.

JYPE is home to idol groups like TWICEITZYStray KidsDAY62PM, and more, and on August 6, YouTube channel AYO held an interview with Holy. M and KOBEE, who's known for writing ITZY's "Not Shy" and "Kidding Me". When it comes to working with ITZY, Holy. M revealed he was very flustered, saying, "I hadn't seen many celebrities before, so I was like, 'Where is this? Who am I?'"

KOBEE said on ITZY, "It was my first time directing such a popular team, so I got really nervous. When I asked ITZY about things, they answered so well... I was able to record in a comfortable and fun atmosphere." On Stray Kids, the composer commented, "Working on the song 'OH' with them, we didn't really need to do much since they understood the song well and gave a lot of opinions. We shared ideas about parts we needed to think harder about."

Check out Holy. M and KOBEE's interview above, and make sure to turn on the English captions.
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