BTS Jungkook's self-produced & self-composed solo song 'Still With You' is still at #1 on 'All Music Genre' & 'Pop' Charts on Soundcloud

BTS Jungkook's solo songs are masterpieces in terms of composition, melodies, and vocals. His self-produced and self-composed solo song 'Still With You,' which was released a year ago on the occasion of BTS' Festa celebration as a gift to his fans, is still topping Soundcloud Top50 All Genre & Pop Charts in South Korea.

Still With You is also charting at #2 on Top Pop Chart Overall and #23 in All Genre Chart Overall on Soundcloud, higher than most of the new releases showing Jungkook's vocal and music popularity.

Jungkook's Covers are all charting in Top50 Pop on South Korea's Soundcloud.

Korean Netizens love Still With You and want it on MelOn, while international fans want it on Spotify. It also trends on MelOn hot searches very often. Korean Composer also said Still With You would have topped MelOn charts if it was formally released.

Soundcloud declared Jungkook's Still With You as the Most Buzziest Drop and Longest Reign of 2020.

It is also the fastest song to reach 1M streams, Fastest Song to achieve 1M Likes & Most Shared & Commented BTS song on Soundcloud. 

Jungkook's songs are loved by non-fans, and idols keep covering them. Still With You is such a masterpiece that everyone loves. 

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